Untangled Hair Extension Review- Instant Hair Miracle

Untangled Hair Extension Review- Instant Hair Miracle

I never thought I would attempt hair extensions.

But my oh my I was missing out. A friend of mine just introduced me to Untangled. And I’m not sorry. Check out my Untangled hair extension review.

Game changer

Who ever thought it would be THIS easy? I’m one of those hair is straightened or in a plain pony type. I guess you could say I am hair challenged!

This has totally changed me. I can now add instant volume and already styled hair in a split second.

I can transform a boring look into sleek and polished in a matter of minutes.

Life saver. Well I guess I should say, hair saver.

Untangled Hair Extension Review

As someone who is totally hair challenged like me, this is too easy. I can transform a look in seconds. I love that I am able to add length and volume so easily!

The best part? It is already styled. Or I can do a different style while it is not actually on my head. So much easier when you aren’t actually styling the hair on your own head!

Untangled is sure to have your prefect color. You can browse their website (like I did) and pick your shade. Or you can purchase a color ring with all of the shades for only $10. But then they give you $20 off when your purchase. You can also go their website and submit a picture and they will color match you.

All of their hair is synthetic and can be styled with your own styling tools! So you can curl your “hair”, off of your head! So much easier!

The hair is so natural and silky too. You literally cannot tell this is not my real hair.

Section off the top of your hair. I just clip it up. Place extensions with the wire on the crown of the head. Let down your top clip and pull front sections out. So easy. Here is a picture off of their website so you can see how to apply untangled hair extensions. You can click on the pic to take you to their site where you can learn more.

how to apply untangled

and while I love these halo extensions, my favorite purchase from Untangled is the ponytail extensions.

Untangled Ponytail Extension Review

I have to wear my hair up in a ponytail everyday to work. So now I have a simple glorified ponytail that looks nice already done for me!

untangled hair review

I just put my hair in a regular ponytail then velcro this beautiful piece around it. Then I add these cute hair scarves they sent with it. and BOOM. Instacute.

I got the “dippy” 24″ ponytail and it blends in perfectly.

How much do Untangled extensions cost?

At the time of this article:

Bang hair extensions are $39.00 Ponytail Extensions are $45, Halo extensions are $55.

Not bad on something that can change your everyday hair routine and I believe these will hold up for a LONG time!

Final Verdict

Hope you enjoyed my Untangled hair extension review.

I’m loving the instant transformation and ease of these beautiful hair additions! If you want an easy, no fuss way to style your hair then I would def give these a try!

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1 thought on “Untangled Hair Extension Review- Instant Hair Miracle”

  • I received my order and took it out of the box and tried it on- unfortunately it doesn’t fit, the color doesn’t match, it’s heavy and way too long and just looks fake – it’s my personal taste – HOWEVER! they say that they do NOT do returns and refunds if you have tried it on. WTF
    How am I suppose to judge a product without trying it on !! I’ve been emailing with them for a week and they continue to refuse a refund.

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