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Hibachi Chicken Recipe- Flat Top Grilling

Hibachi Chicken Recipe- Flat Top Grilling

Hibachi Chicken Recipe

So excited to make our first real recipe with our awesome Steelmade INDOOR flat top grill! We are so excited to be able to cook all of this food at one time with no dishes! Seriously so convenient! First up, a hibachi chicken recipe!

steelmade indoor flat top grill cooking

If you missed my original post about this amazing grill, check it out HERE. Also if you would like to purchase one, use this link and also my Steelmade promo code HANCOCK15 to save 15%!

Please excuse my pictures as I didn’t originally plan on sharing these first few food post. But hey why not?

Hope you enjoy our fine china paper plates! HA!

First up on the grill! Hibachi chicken, fried rice and vegetables! We are still in the testing phase of this so bare with us! For this hibachi chicken recipe, we just wanted to make it super simple.

Hibachi Chicken and Rice Prepping

Firstly we turned all of the burners on to medium heat. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes for the entire surface to come to a nice even heat.

While everything was heating up we chopped and prepped.

Before chopping everything, I put some Minute Rice in the microwave. We have a family of five so I chose six servings. I now use a rice cooker since we use as so often and I try to limit microwave use as much as possible. THIS is one that we love!

rice cooker

My husband chopped up about a pound and a half of chicken. He seasoned it with a teensy bit of salt and pepper. We knew we are going to be using soy sauce which is rather salty so he did not add much more salt.

Then he chopped up some zucchini for a side and also seasoned them with salt and pepper. He cheated a little bit this time and used frozen onions to add to the zucchini for flavor.

I also wanted him to use the frozen onions so I could see how frozen vegetables work on the grill. Feel free to use fresh onions!

We are also using frozen peas and carrots for the fried rice. I am all about simple and easy. The less work I have to do the better!

Now that everything has come to heat and everything is prepared it’s as easy as throwing it all on the grill.

Since this was our first real experiment we just started with grilling the chicken and zucchini and onions.

Flat top grilling

Everything was going well. So once the chicken started browning we cracked an egg to start on the fried rice. He just cracked two eggs straight on the grill and stirred the yolks around. He used the best spatulas to stir em around and it cooked into scrambled eggs.

We then added our cooked rice and frozen peas and carrots to the eggs. My husband then kept squirting soy sauce on the rice.

Continue to cook until everything is cooked well together in the vegetables are no longer frozen. This only took a few minutes.

Everything was cooked so fast and easy. Everything was done at the same time and ready to be served. This is seriously coolest thing ever! We just cooked a full meal with no pans or skillets! In a matter of minutes!

I cannot believe we just cooked Hibachi at home! I am seriously IN LOVE with this grill!

Life changing!

fried rice on a griddle

I’m thinking hamburgers and fresh asparagus next!! Check out the post HERE>

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hibachi chicken recipe flat top grilling
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