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Longboat Key, Florida- The Most Beautiful Beach

Longboat Key, Florida- The Most Beautiful Beach

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Creekfire Motor Ranch RV Resort

Creekfire Motor Ranch RV Resort

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BIRCHBOX Beauty Subscription-  Is it Worth it?

BIRCHBOX Beauty Subscription- Is it Worth it?

So as you probably have been able to tell. I am a little obsessed with the latest beauty box subscription trend. I have been getting BOXYCHARM, TARTE and Ipsy plus all their awesome upgrades for quite a while now! So of course I had to jump in and try Birchbox!


But how did the birchbox subscription stack up against the competition?

Sadly it didn’t.

Maybe I am being harsh because I’ve been so spoiled with my other beauty boxes. I mean it’s not that this box is bad, it’s just that the other boxes are SO GOOD.

I am really used to being spoiled with FULL SIZE luxury products, not sample size.

I’m not much of a sample girl. I’m kind of a minimalist and don’t really want the clutter of teensy tiny products everywhere. However this would be something my sister would probably LOVE. So I guess it is really up to the person.

How Much Does Birchbox Cost?

Get a monthly beauty box of five samples tailored to your skin, hair, and style. $15 per month.

Or you can choose to prepay to save money.

Prepay for 6 months and pay only $14 per month. Prepay for 12 months and pay only $13 per month.

  1. Monthly Plan  $15/month
  2. 6 Month Plan  $14/month
  3. 12 Month Plan  $13/month

These products are truly great. And I do believe it is a great value. Unfortunately for me, it’s just the size that irritates me. I think I would rather have 2 full size products for $15 than a bunch of tiny samples for $15.
Does that make sense to you guys? So again, probably complete preference but Birchbox just didn’t stack up to me. And I honestly feel like $10 would be a fairer price. I mean think of all the full size stuff you get in an Ipsy bag for $10. And heck, think of all the AMAZING full size products in Boxycharm for only $21 a month.

Check out my other reviews with pictures of products and past boxes from beauty box subscriptions I really do love below!


The Pros

I did like that you take an individual beauty survey. This makes your beauty box tailored specifically to you. You can change your survey at anytime and they can adjust your samples.

This box is perfect for someone who doesn’t like to spend big money on these luxury beauty items without knowing for sure if they like it or not first.

June 2019 Birchbox Review

Birchbox June 2019
  1. Eyeko- Brow Liner in Medium- waterproof brow definer
  2. Jane Iredale- Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain in Forever Pink
  3. Kiehl’s- Ultra Facial Cream– ultrahydrating moisturizer
  4. Marcelle- CC Cream SPF 35 Complete Correction in Golden Glow
  5. Number 4- Jour d’automne Smoothing Balm
  6. Oribe- Matte Waves Texture Lotion

July 2019 Birchox Review

Birchbox Jul7 2019
  1. TOCCA Florence Eau de Parfum
  2. Davines MINU Illuminating Shampoo – For Color-Treated Hair
  3. Davines MINU Illuminating Conditioner – For Color-Treated Hair
  4. Davines MINU Hair Serum – For Color-Treated Hair
  5. Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel
  6. ARROW REVITALIZE Undereye Brightening Serum
  7. Dr. Jart+ Cicapair™ Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30
  8. LARITZY Pressed Highlighter

BIRCHBOX Referral Code

And as much as I would just love to receive your referral credit for raving about this beauty box, I just can’t honestly recommend them for this price. If it was $10 I would say yes. But I wouldn’t do $15 for these samples.

BUT if you want to try it for yourself anyway, feel free to use my referral link HERE>

Other Goodies

You can also opt to get a full size box called Limited Editions. Now this is more up my alley. However they are different boxes you can choose from and different prices. I’ll update this post if I get around to trying out a BIRCHBOX Limited Edition box.

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  5. Ipsy Glam Bag Plus
  6. Allure

Until next time, cheers!


birchbox subscription review
birchbox subscription review
Tarte Custom Kit- The BEST Make Up Beauty Box!

Tarte Custom Kit- The BEST Make Up Beauty Box!

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BOXYLUXE 2019 Review- Is it worth it??

BOXYLUXE 2019 Review- Is it worth it??

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Flat Top Burgers and Asparagus- Indoor Flat Top Grill

Flat Top Burgers and Asparagus- Indoor Flat Top Grill

Flat Top Burgers and Asparagus

Making time for our new indoor flat top grill and some family cooking! I LOVE a good burger! Here is our awesome flat top burgers and asparagus. SUPER EASY!

Steelmade Indoor flat top grill cooking experiment number two! Flat top grill hamburgers and asparagus!

While prepping everything, go ahead turn all the burners on medium heat to get it to temperature.

For the hamburger patties for our big family we used two and a quarter pounds of ground beef. Added a few tablespoons of our favorite Dale’s sauce which make the best hamburgers! And the best steak! Hands down our favorite marinade!

Added a few tablespoons of dried, crumbled bread crumbs. Then mix everything together.

We totally cheated on the asparagus. Got some fresh asparagus but used frozen onions again. I’m all about that easy life!

Then we paddied up the burgers and put them on the grill. Let them start cooking and then added a dollop of butter to the other side of the grill for the asparagus.

Place the asparagus and frozen onions on top of the butter and let it start cooking.

Cook the flat top burgers for a few minutes and then flip them. You can see them start to get brown on both sides.

Everything took about 8-10 minutes. We just kept flipping the hamburgers and moving the asparagus around. Till everything was cooked.

Unfortunately our huge flat top burgers shrank up and became really small and fat. I read a tip on the internet that if you get leaner ground beef with no added water it will not shrink as much. I also read that if you make a small depression with your fingers in the middle of the patty they won’t shrink! We will definitely be trying these tips next time!

But for now our flat top burgers may not be pretty but they sure taste good!

Be sure to clean your grill while it is still warm. This makes clean up a breeze! Scrape up the bits with your scraper and scrub it with hot water and a rag. Be sure to use heat resistant gloves like THESE so you don’t burn your hands! We learned this the hard way! Also, be sure to oil you grill with a thin coat of approved oil to keep your grill seasoned.

If you want to get this indoor flat top grill, be sure to use this link so you can use my Steelmade promo code HANCOCK15 to save 15%!

Next on the menu: hibachi chicken, fried rice and stir fry veggies. Our first cooking experiment was hibachi chicken, fried rice and zuchinni. Check it our HERE.

Once you get your grill, check out THIS post on how to season it!

Hibachi Chicken Recipe- Flat Top Grilling

Hibachi Chicken Recipe- Flat Top Grilling

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How to Clean a Flat Top Grill and Season it EASILY

How to Clean a Flat Top Grill and Season it EASILY

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How to Cook with a Flat Top Grill Inside!

How to Cook with a Flat Top Grill Inside!

When I first started this blog, I had no idea that I’d be expanding to cooking. Yet alone grilling! But I’m a sucker for anything that makes our super busy life easier so I thought I would pass the thrill of my new discovery along!

Cooking healthier and cooking at home are included in some of the goals that I am finally “making time for”. Hence the blog name, Making Time for it!

We get so caught up in our busy lives, working multiple jobs and having 3 children, 2 of which are littles, that we don’t often make the time to cook at home. Well all of that changes now.

So when I made a promise to myself. I thought how can I efficiently cook at home and cook healthier? Bonus if I can find something EASY and FAST with variety so we can please the kids too!

Then I thought, maybe it isn’t the best idea since I like to do a lot of the cooking and don’t want to do it outside. It would be difficult to cook outside with the littles running wild, especially if I am the only adult home at the time. My boys can get into stuff real quick!

After seeing several friends purchase the Blackstone flat top gas cooking grill griddle. I always saw these when we were camping and dreamed of getting one! Hello, you can cook everything on one surface! No dirtying up several pans and dishes and there is only one easy surface to clean! I quickly became obsessed with the thought of getting one.

Also, if I’m in “healthy mode”, I want to be able to meal prep when I want and not be dependent on being able to cook due to weather. We are often so strapped for time that I have hours set aside for things like meal prepping. If it is raining on meal prep day and I only had the outside grill, all of my plans would be ruined. I kept telling my hubby that I wished there was a huge inside flat top grill.

Then Facebook knew exactly what I needed. Funny how Facebook reads our minds, right? Maybe not funny, rather creepy if you ask me. But nonetheless, Facebook nailed it and made all my wishes come true!! The one time I was glad that Facebook was spying on my mind.

Flashing over my newsfeed was the inside flat top grill I’ve always wanted!

Steelmade Cookware Flat Top Grill

Introducing the Steelmade Cookware flat top grill! Say what?! YESSS! My dream has come true!

This thing it totally cool. It instantly transforms your current stove top into a huge 30″ flat top cooking surface! Eliminate pots and pans and cook multiple things at one time with minimal clean up!

Is this a dream?? Pinch me.

I can cook an entire breakfast spread at once with no dishes!

I’m talking over easy eggs, scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, sausage and pancakes all at one time!! Whether you are cooking for a crowd or just your self, this grill is crazy cool!

Another fun fact. The Steelmade flat top grill is similar to cast iron. It gets better with time. The more you use it, the more seasoned it gets. Delicious food at the drop of a hat.

We have a standard size glass ceramic stove so ours was super easy to order. We got the standard 30″ glass ceramic flat top. If you have electric coils, they have one for you too! And you with that fancy custom stove, they have you covered to with their custom made tops! You can even use an app and scan your stove area to see how your new flat top will look and fit on your stove!

These guys have really mastered indoor flat top cooking! It comes with a drip pan and you can order more accessories to go with it as well! We went ahead and got the ultimate kit so ours came with the spatulas, oil and cleaning scrub! It was definitely the best deal.

You can cook for an army with this thing! Or you can cook tons of things at once! So cool especially when no one in the family seems to ever want the same thing!

Did I mention this thing is nonstick? So super simple clean up.

You can make the cooking surface all the same or adjust it for different types of foods.

If you are still set on using a flat top outside, they have a super affordable option where you can transform your current grill into a flat top!

I must be dreaming right?

Immediately I decided to write the company and tell them how thankful I am and how much I LOVE their product. Excitedly, I told them that I was going to include it in my blog! They offered me a discount code to pass on to my readers!


So CLICK HERE to take a look and you are welcome to use my promo code HANCOCK15 to save 15%! So generous of them!!!

This grill is sure to spice up your meals and encourage some creativity! The possibilities are endless!

There was only one downside to this I have found so far and it was easily fixable! Once seasoned, the grill can be kind of an eyesore. Makes some of the easiest, best food of your life, but the surface can be a little ugly. Easy solution though, they sell these beautiful solid cutting cover boards! In my opinion it’ll make your kitchen look even better than before because you won’t see the stove top!

After we initially seasoned it

Pretty right?

Anyway, can’t wait to bring you all on our journey with this beauty! Stay tuned!

steelmade flat top grill
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