Flat Top Burgers and Asparagus- Indoor Flat Top Grill

Flat Top Burgers and Asparagus- Indoor Flat Top Grill

Flat Top Burgers and Asparagus

Making time for our new indoor flat top grill and some family cooking! I LOVE a good burger! Here is our awesome flat top burgers and asparagus. SUPER EASY!

Steelmade Indoor flat top grill cooking experiment number two! Flat top grill hamburgers and asparagus!

While prepping everything, go ahead turn all the burners on medium heat to get it to temperature.

For the hamburger patties for our big family we used two and a quarter pounds of ground beef. Added a few tablespoons of our favorite Dale’s sauce which make the best hamburgers! And the best steak! Hands down our favorite marinade!

Added a few tablespoons of dried, crumbled bread crumbs. Then mix everything together.

We totally cheated on the asparagus. Got some fresh asparagus but used frozen onions again. I’m all about that easy life!

Then we paddied up the burgers and put them on the grill. Let them start cooking and then added a dollop of butter to the other side of the grill for the asparagus.

Place the asparagus and frozen onions on top of the butter and let it start cooking.

Cook the flat top burgers for a few minutes and then flip them. You can see them start to get brown on both sides.

Everything took about 8-10 minutes. We just kept flipping the hamburgers and moving the asparagus around. Till everything was cooked.

Unfortunately our huge flat top burgers shrank up and became really small and fat. I read a tip on the internet that if you get leaner ground beef with no added water it will not shrink as much. I also read that if you make a small depression with your fingers in the middle of the patty they won’t shrink! We will definitely be trying these tips next time!

But for now our flat top burgers may not be pretty but they sure taste good!

Be sure to clean your grill while it is still warm. This makes clean up a breeze! Scrape up the bits with your scraper and scrub it with hot water and a rag. Be sure to use heat resistant gloves like THESE so you don’t burn your hands! We learned this the hard way! Also, be sure to oil you grill with a thin coat of approved oil to keep your grill seasoned.

If you want to get this indoor flat top grill, be sure to use this link so you can use my Steelmade promo code HANCOCK15 to save 15%!

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Once you get your grill, check out THIS post on how to season it!

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