How to Clean a Flat Top Grill and Season it EASILY

How to Clean a Flat Top Grill and Season it EASILY

Getting started with our new flat top grill!

flat top grill

Got a new flat top griddle and wondering how to clean a flat top grill? Check out this unboxing and how to get your grill set up, cleaned and seasoned. Easily.

If you are like us and always in a hurry but still love to cook, check out our new indoor flat top grill! You can check out the first post ALL about it HERE!

Anxious to get started, as soon as this bad boy arrived we took out of the box and jumped right in! For those of you who didn’t read my previous post, this is our new indoor flat top grill! Check out the first post here!

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This indoor flat top grill is the answer to my prayers! Quick, easy, cooking indoors with no pots, pans or dishes! You can cook multiple dishes and sides without dirtying your kitchen! Cook for a small family or for an army! I know what you’re thinking! If you’re anything like me, your mind automatically went to hibachi!

I’m hoping to ease up my meal prepping routine. I can cook chicken breast, rice and veggies for the entire week!! At one time! No dishes!!

flat top grill

Setting up flat top grill

We got out the instructions and went to town! After we removed all of the packaging, we placed the flat top on top of our stove to make sure everything fit!

It fit perfectly! We also put a level on it to make sure it was perfectly level. It says if yours is not level than you may have to adjust the feet of your stove. Lucky for us, ours was perfect!

Initial cleaning of the flat top grill

We washed the surface of it with hot water and a nylon dish scrubber. You don’t use any soap with it. It did say that it may have a colored film wash off the first few times and not to worry about it. We then dried it with a rag.

Initial Seasoning of your grill

Per the instructions, we turned on all of our stove burners to medium heat to allow the top to come to temperature. We applied a thin layer of vegetable oil and kept it heated for 10 to 15 minutes. Then allowed it to cool down completely.

Note that you should not just turn one burner on. It could cause it to warp. The good news is if you accidentally warp it it will return to its original shape once it is cooled off!

How to clean a flat top grill

Always clean your flat top right after using while it is still warm. Do not use any soap. Simply add hot water and wash the skillet with hot water and a stiff brush. It gets very hot so I recommend using heat resistant gloves like THESE to protect your hands. We did not think that we would need them at first and ended up ordering them later. These make cleaning much easier! Scrubbing this thing with just a rag can result in burns. I learn everything the hard way.

If you have any leftover food stuck behind then you can use the flat top scrub and then simply scrub and wipe off with a paper towel.

Seasoning a flat top griddle

seasoning flat top grill

Now that you know how to clean a flat top grill, you need to season it.

After each use you need to oil your flat top grill. This helps season it. Simply use a cloth or paper towel and apply a light coat of the steelmade flat top oil or use another suitable oil alternative which they have listed.

Note that as your flat top is seasoned overtime from the oils, it will create a nice nonstick surface. Your flat top will darken over time much like a cast iron.

They recommended to cook something really greasy the first time to get it seasoned well. So what’s great tasting and really greasy? Bacon!

We put a whole thing of bacon all over the flat top! What goes good with bacon? Eggs! And sausage. And toast! Heck we will just have breakfast night!

After you are finished cooking, scrape the bits with the scraper. Then use a rag and hot water to clean wipe down the grill while it is still warm. We learned our lesson the hard way, be sure to use heat resistant gloves like THESE so you do not burn your hands! After the grill is clean and still warm, apply a thin coat of oil to keep it seasoned.

So round one done. Success! This was pretty fun just kind of testing it out and cooking a few different things. Everything was delicious. It wasn’t pretty because we were just playing with the heat settings and messing around with it. So please excuse the pictures. I wasn’t planning on sharing these. But here we are.

Can’t wait for our next indoor flat top adventure. I’m thinking hibachi chicken!

how to clean your flat top grill

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