Boxycharm Premium

Boxycharm Premium

Boxycharm has done it again! The waitlist is now open and you can get the most sought-after boxycharm box yet! Boxycharm Premium is like your regular boxycharm box on steroids!

I just received my December 2019 boxycharm premium box and it has over $285 worth of products for only $35!

This includes 6-7 full-sized beauty products and this month it was worth every single penny!

You get to choose one item each month when they email you so you are more in control.

With the new boxycharm premium you also get early access to your add-ons and the boxy pop-up!

So what is the difference in all the boxycharm boxes?

Boxycharm premium can be done every single month and it is upgraded products even better than the regular boxycharm box!

With boxycharm luxe you pay $49.99 every 3 months and receive a huge box of products worth over $315! This one is by far the best value.

You can still cancel anytime but why would you want to?

December 2019 Boxycharm Premium Whimsy sneak peek #Boxywhimsy

  1. Storybook cosmetics- fairy tales little briar rose palette
  2. Glow glow recipe watermelon pink juice moisturizer 60 ml
  3. Natasha Natasha denona lip liner pencil
  4. Avant deluxe hyaluronic acid vivifying facing eye night cream
  5. Basic basic Beauty glowing AF wet glow trio
  6. Bite bite Beauty a gave + nighttime lip therapy

Get your Boxycharm Premium HERE!

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